Ena warka arakba ngarriwardenana

Our current projects


Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation undertakes projects to supplement its businesses with new income streams, or to supply growth and support to the wider community. Some of these projects have deadlines or are simply long term projects still in planning stages.

Some of these projects are still in planning and funding stages, while others are fully funded and awaiting final approvals to go ahead.

How we remain transparent

Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation has set its goals to be as transparent as possible in all its business dealings. The corporation has been structured to ensure that all levels of management are accountable.

Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises in Darwin, and Groote Eylandt CarRentals in Alyangula, both have managers that answer to the Arirrki CEO.

Both of these businesses, as part of their operating expenses, pay a fixed percentage of their income to Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation. This is the only source of income for Arirrki outside of grants.


How we track expenditure

Arirrki approves all the expenditure of the businesses and approves payroll for employees. The actual process of approving money to be spent requires an invoice or request to be processed and approved. The contracted accountant, Dynamic Financial Management, then places the money into a holding account, Arirrki then approves the money to be taken from the holding account and used to pay suppliers etc.

This means no one person has access to any money in any account. Several Board members can also act in the place of the accountant or CEO if required. Again, no one person can approve and pay.


Software that helps

To keep our business practices transparent, we use several online platforms to manage our businesses. Rental Car Manager is an online booking platform that allows customers to make bookings. Staff on Groote carry out daily operations, and payments are authorised by a remote manger, meaning that there is always a check to ensure that payments get to the bank correctly.

Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises, uses the widely popular Fare Harbor booking system for taking bookings and payments. All customer payments are processed through secure software direct to the Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Accounts so that staff on site have no access to these monies.

Arirrki uses Xero accounting software linked to receipt bank and Approval Max software packages to ensure that money being spent, or approved, is tracked and accounted for at every step. All of these processes are available to be tracked during the annual auditor process.

We are in the process of finding new ways to make Community Support Funds easily accessible and the approval process traceable.


If you are an Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation member, then be known that all the money made and spent by Arirrki is being checked, and tracked to a make sure it is used for the right reasons, and that the benefits of this are spent in the community where they will do the most good.

Ena warka arakba ngarriwardenana

Our Current Projects

Community service

Arirrki has stepped forward to support community service hours and youth diversionary work through Groote Eylandt Car Rentals. This includes plans to install at least one working car hoist and tyre changing equipment to enable youths through the department of corrections to be involved in learning basic vehicle maintenance and car detailing. There are negotiations on this being expanded to the Angurugu School senior classes.

Business Incubator

Arirrki will look to spend part of the $100,000 it looks to inject back into the community each year, to create small businesses for Lalara families. This is a new community support program for 2021 and one that hopes to allow families to run and manage their own small businesses. Arirrki is looking to provide support and funding to these members, as we attempt to break the unemployment cycle. These small businesses are looking to use resources on Groote Eylandt to create sustainable incomes.

Ena warka ambaka-murra-yada

Future Projects

Arirrki Art Gallery & Cultural Centre

This has been a long term major plan, that is now part way through the funding stage, having support from both industry, members of Parliament, as well as the Anindilyakwa Land Council. This centre will provide not only income to indigenous artists, both in Groote and other communities, but will also showcase the Groote Archipelago as a tourist destination for future Arirrki Tourism ventures. The Art Gallery & Cultural Centre is hoped to be open and operating in 2021.

Groote Tourism

With South32/GEMCO looking to wind down mining operations on Groote Eylandt over the next decade, Arirrki is committed to finding ways to create employment opportunities for members. This includes projects in planning to develop tourism ventures on Groote Eylandt. So far several of these projects are still in the first stages of planning and costing, and some, all or none may come to fruition.