Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation is registered with the Office of Registrar of Indigenous Corporations and operates under the CATSI act legislation.

Arirrki represents a portion of the Lalara Clan of the Groote Archipelago and to do so runs several businesses on their behalf. Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation is the parent company and oversees services to the Lalara family member’s, as well as ensures that the various business units are run in a correct and proper manner. These business units are made of four entities. Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises at Adelaide river, south east of Darwin. Groote Eylandt Car Rentals based at Alyangula On Groote Eylandt. A separate investment portfolio, as well as final community support/projects arm that overseas contracted work with the Department of Corrections as well as business incubator program for Arirrki Members.

Drone Shot of Spectacular jumping Crocodile Boats
Spectacular Jumping crocs

Yakeningmidinama ngakwurrilangwa-langwa warka-mirrya

Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises

Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises operates from the Adelaide River approximately 50 minutes south east of Darwin. Its tours have become iconic and allow visitors to get up close to larger saltwater crocodiles in absolute safety.
Groote eylandt Car rentals

groote eylandt transport

Groote Eylandt

Groote Eylandt Rental Cars has a modern fleet of more than 20 vehicles, from small hatchbacks to mine spec four wheel drives. It also provides a base of operations for Arirrki’s community support programs.