The Arirrki Board of Directors is normally made up of the senior elder, approved by the family members of the five families that make up the Lalara Clan. Each Director is approved at the AGM. A community Liaison Officer, is separate to the Board of Directors, and this position is held by the Clan Leader, currently Mr Abel Lalara. The Community Liaison position is not voted on, but rather held on the basis of cultural respect and hierarchy. Although his opinion is highly regarded, he does not have voting rights on the Board.
Lalara Clan Kids on a cruise


Mr Hamilton Lalara

Hamilton is a former chairman and has the long term vision to see Arirrki establish plans for future generations of Lalara.

Mr Russell Lalara

Russell has been involved with the Arirrki Board Board since its start. He brings a great wealth of knowledge to the board based on that history.

Mr Abel Lalara

Community Liaison Officer – Clan Leader

Mr Abel Lalara. Abel is well known throughout the archipelago as a ceremony man, Together with Brother Charlie Ngalmi of Numbulwar, he officiates at many ceremonies. He is also the senior Clan Leader for the Lalara clan.

Mr Wesley Field

Arirrki CEO, Group Marketing & Business Development

With a background in retail and service industry management, Wes stepped up to the role as CEO by invitation of the Board of Directors as a temporary role, following the departure of the previous General Manager. Previously employed as the Operation Manager of Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises, he has gained acceptance by the family and aims to follow the clan principal of putting family first and making decisions fairly for the benefit of all.


How Arirrki businesses and programs are creating impact in our community.




Our focus has moved from squarely on our bank balance to looking after our family, which is why you’ll frequently hear the phrase “Family first” uttered by the Board and management to justify our decisions..

Wes Field – General Manager