Notice to our Arirrki members

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Eninqaba warka | 0 comments

The Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation Board of Directors, is continuing restructuring of its businesses to work to best industry practices. They have agreed to work together, both with members of the Lalara family, other Anindilyakwa clans, and mainland clans such as the Wulna people of the Beatrice Hill area to take Arirrki and the Lalara clan into the future by co-operating with others to maintain the three key principals of Arirrki’s business strategy. Responsibility, Sustainability, and Indigenous. The Arirrki Board realises that in order to build a future for its members, it needs to work alongside others to make opportunities, that there is strength in many voices as one.

Arirrki is currently seeking funding to build an Art Gallery at its Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises business in Darwin. We are looking to give at least 50% of this building over to promoting Anindilyakwa artists to sell their Art and crafts, to a much larger market than currently offered on Groote Eylandt. This Gallery would also promote Groote Eylandt and the surrounding islands, as well as Anindilyakwa values and culture, to visitors.

Arirrki has begun discussions with several groups. Including the Anindilyakwa Land Council, Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust, Tourism Top End, and East Arnhem Land Development, to establish a tourism industry on Groote Eylandt. Arirrki is looking at ways that tourism ventures can be created sustainably with other clans and corporations to create future jobs for the Anindilyakwa people. The Arirrki Aboriginal Corporation is committed to finding ways to improve the lives of not just the Lalara Clan, but all locals on Groote Eylandt.

The Arirrki Board is offering to share ideas and discuss future plans with any corporation or family group that is willing to work alongside us with the same agendas and goals. The Board of directors extends a welcome to all other clans and corporations to hold discussions to build and manage a tourism industry on Groote Eylandt with the goal of building jobs for local Anindilyakwa people.